FAKY application has been renewed and become to support Japanese and English!


英語バージョンの『FAKY Eng.』アプリをご利用の方は、お手数ですが『FAKY』アプリをダウンロードしてください。
『FAKY Eng.』アプリは2017年3月14日をもちましてサービスの提供を終了させていただきます。

まだお持ちでない方と『FAKY Eng.』アプリをご利用のは、ぜひ下記よりダウンロード下さい!



The official application of FAKY has been renewed.
We have changed the overall design with the concept of "Touch it and enjoy it": it has become easier to use!

Also, we gathered up two applications of Japanese and English that were the separate applications into one by this version up.

We are sorry to bother you, however if you use the English version of App "FAKY Eng.", please download an App"FAKY".

The App "FAKY" will stop offering its service as of March 14th, 2017.

If you already have App "FAKY", please update it on each online store. If you do not have one yet or if you use App "FAKY Eng.", please download it from the link below!


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