【一部詳細発表】FAKY「Major Debut Mini Album (仮)」発売を記念して、リリースイベント第1弾開催決定!! 【Some venues has been fixed!!】FAKY has release events for major debut e.p.!!

FAKY「Major Debut Mini Album (仮)」発売を記念して、リリースイベント第1弾開催決定!! 
「Major Debut Mini Album (仮)」をイベント会場でご予約いただくと、FAKYメンバーから直筆でサインをさせていただきます!!

・サイン会のご参加は、会場内、CD販売コーナーにて、FAKY『Major Debut Mini Album (仮)』をご予約頂いたお客様が対象となります。

4/1(土) 16:00~  神奈川・LA CITTADELLA噴水広場
4/9(日) 12:00~ / 15:00~ 東京・イオンモールむさし村山 ※CD予約販売時間 11:30~
4/15(土) 12:30~ / 15:00~ 埼玉・ららぽーと富士見 ※CD予約販売時間 12:00~
5/4(祝・木) 12:30~ / 15:00~ 神奈川・ららぽーと横浜 1F セントラルガーデン ※CD予約販売時間 12:00~
5/5(祝・金) 12:00~ / 15:00~ 東京・ららぽーと豊洲 ※CD予約販売時間 11:30~

FAKY / Major Debut Mini Album (仮)

【CD+DVD】RZCD-86355/B : 3,024円 (tax in)
【CD ONLY】RZCD-86356 : 2,160円 (tax in)
【CD ONLY】RZC1-86357 : 1,500円 (tax in) ※イベント会場限定盤



エイベックス カスタマーサポート

FAKY has release events for major debut e.p.!!
The members will sign autographs on a special message board!
Looking forward to seeing you!

Mini live & Autograph session
*You can enter with free admission
*To attend the autograph session, a ticket is required by pre-ording "Major Debut Mini Album (tentative title)" at the venue.
  You can get one ticket per CD.
*The members will sign autographs on a special message board at the venue.

[Dates & Venues]
●Apr. 1st (sat) from 4:00p.m.  Kanagawa : LA CITTADELLA fountain plaza
●Apr. 9th (sun) from 12:00p.m. / from 3:00p.m. Tokyo : Aeon Mall Musashi Murayama *The selling time from 11:30 a.m.
●Apr. 15th (sat) from 12:30p.m. / from 3:00p.m. Saitama :  La La Port Fujimi *The selling time from 12:00 a.m.
●May. 4th (thu) from 12:30p.m. / from 3:00p.m. Kanagawa : La La Port Yokohama 1F Sentral Garden *The selling time from 12:00 a.m.
●May. 5th (fri) from 12:00p.m. / from 3:00p.m. Tokyo : La La Port Toyosu *The selling time from 11:30 a.m.

[The designated product to attend the autograph sessions]
FAKY / Major Debut Mini Album (仮)
<CD+DVD> RZCD-86355/B : 3,024円 (tax in)
<CD ONLY> RZCD-86356 : 2,160円 (tax in)
<CD ONLY> RZC1-86357 : 1,500円 (tax in) ※イベント会場限定盤
*The selling time is TBA.
*This CD ONLY Ver. (RZC1-86357) will be sold only at events FAKY appear in. It will not be sold at CD shops or EC sites. 

*Please follow staff's instructions at all times. If you do not obey, we may ask you to leave or the event may be cancelled.
*At the event, the staff may touch your shoulder or arm to position the crowd.
*Those older than elementary school students need to purchase the CD to get an autograph.
 Those younger can attend the autograph session with the parents and guardians who have tickets.
*Even if there are people waiting for the autograph session, the event may be canceled due to the venue's situations.
 In that case, we cannot refund the CD you purchased.
*The ticket to attend the autograph session cannot be re-issued in any case, such as being lost, disposed and/or damaged.
*After receiving the ticket, we cannot refund you your money for the CD. If the CD is damaged, it can be exchanged.
*For safety reasons, we may check your baggage.
*We are not responsible for  your property's lost and damage.
*The fee to get to the venue is paid with your own money.
*For safety, avoid dangerous stunts in the venue.
*If we decide we cannot carry on the event due to circumstances, such as the facility's issues, natural disasters and strikes, it will be canceled.
*If the events are canceled or postponed, we cannot compensate the fee to get to the venues.
*The venues are shopping malls so keep in mind that there are other customers not attending the event.
*Do not preserve areas at the venue or leave your baggage/picnic sheet to reserve seats. If you are caught, we may ask you to leave.
*Do not interfere any stores at the venues.
*It is strictly prohibited to stay around the venues at midnight.
*Please do not contact the venues about the events.

■avex customer support
*81-570-064-414 (11:00a.m.- 6:00p.m. Week day only)