【a-nation 2018 supported by dTV & dTVチャンネル】大阪公演、機材席開放により僅かながらアリーナ席限定のチケット先着販売決定!!
A few more arena seat tickets of "a-nation 2018 supported by dTV & dTVチャンネル" in Osaka will be available!!

受付期間 : 8/10(金)18:00~8/15(水)23:59

日時:2018年 8月18日(土) ・ 19日(日) 開場13:00 / 開演14:30 ※開場/開演時間は変更になる場合がございます。
・8月18日(土) ヘッドライナー AAA 
E-girls/CHEMISTRY/スキマスイッチ/Da-iCE/DA PUMP/超特急/V.I(from BIGBANG)/三浦大知 ※五十音順
■シューティングアクト:lolーエルオーエルー/SOLIDEMO ■オープ二ングアクト:石橋陽彩/DREAM MAKER ※五十音順

・8月19日(日) ヘッドライナー GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE 
ET-KING/NCT 127/CRAZYBOY/倖田來未/SUPER JUNIOR/Sonar Pocket/Da-iCE/Dream Ami ※五十音順
■シューティングアクト:Beverly/FAKY ■オープ二ングアクト:GIRLFRIEND/FREAK ※五十音順

① 一般指定席(光るウチワ付き) 9,800円(税込)

② 着席指定席(光るウチワ付き) 9,800円(税込)



2018年 8月18日(土) ・ 19日(日) 大阪・ヤンマースタジアム長居
a-nation 2018 supported by dTV & dTVチャンネル  大阪公演事務局 : 0570-200-883  (オペレータ対応/毎日10:00~18:00)

A few tickets of arena seat for stage equipment are released and you can get the tickets.
Registration Term : Aug. 10th (fri) 6:00 p.m. - Aug. 15th (wed) 11:59 p.m.
*First come, first served.

Date : 2018.8.18(sat) and 19(sun) Open 1:00 p.m. / Start 2:30 p.m. *The time may be changed.
Venue :Osaka Yanmar Studium Nagai
Acts : 
・18th (sat) AAA 
E-girls / CHEMISTRY / スキマスイッチ / Da-iCE / DA PUMP / 超特急 / V.I(from BIGBANG) / 三浦大知
Shooting Act : lolーエルオーエルー / SOLIDEMO 
Opening Act : 石橋陽彩 / DREAM MAKER

ET-KING / NCT 127 / CRAZYBOY / 倖田來未 / SUPER JUNIOR / Sonar Pocket / Da-iCE / Dream Ami
Shooting Act : Beverly/FAKY

■Tickets price
1. Regular reserved seats (with an illumination fan) 9,800 yen (tax in)
*You can get the illumination fan at the venue.

2. Seated reserved seats (with an illumination fan) 9,800 yen (tax in)
*These tickets for those who are children and want to enjoy the concert with seats. There's no age limit for these seats. 
*"Seated reserved seats" will be placed in the standing area, so there may be distance from the stage.
*You must be seated at all time during the performance
*You can get the illumination fan at the venue.

3. 2 days reserved seats (with an illumination fan) at stand area 17,000 yen (tax in)
*The seats are at stand area.
*The seats are as same thorough both days.
*This ticket does not promise to prepare good seats.
*You will get a wrist band when you enter the venue. You need to put it on your arms and bring your ticket to enjoy the both days.
*If you put off the wrist band once, it will be invalid.
*If you lose the wrist band, we will not permit you to re-enter the venue.
*You can get an illumination fans on the first day at the venue. Don’t forget to bring it on the second day.

*Childern 3 years and older need to purchase a ticket. Those younger can enter for free but will be required to purchase a ticket for seating.
*If the acts are changed, the ticket fee will not be refunded nor exchanged for a different date.
*The open and start time may be modified depending on certain situations.
*The event will carry on during rainy condition but will be cancelled in case of stormy weather.
*It is prohibited to rec and shoot the concert.
*It is prohibited to sell your tickets to another person.

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